A couple of things – a New Chief at Angus Council and Agile working….

Many congratulations to Margo Williamson on her appointment as the next Chief Executive of Angus Council. Margo, currently our Strategic Director for Children and Learning, will take over in the council’s 21st year as its fourth Chief Executive when I step down in May. And what a time to take charge. I suppose at any time in history those responsible for leading or managing almost anything will have proclaimed that it’s never been as challenging. This time for us in local government it may well be the case.

But there is good news for Angus. We have a brilliant team of people in management roles right across our organisation from the Exec team out to every part of the council, and there is a new Chief Executive coming into post at the end of May who over the last few years has shown the drive, passion and creativity any council planning to weather the storm will need. But no council is a one person show. Never was. Never will be.

I know that Margo is already engaging with the issues and the people to shape her plan for the next stage of our council’s development, and we will be working together on more than a few things over the next three months. Watch this space as they say. Colleagues inside the council should have a look at Margo’s new Blog on the intranet home page.

And now to Agile….as of last week I and the council’s Exec Support team are formally into the council’s Agile programme, although in reality we have been working in that way for quite some time. I was “well impressed” by our Agile protocols document published a short while back. It’s a readable, accessible guide to agile working. Why can’t all council communications be like that one? Well perhaps some just can’t, but many could be a lot more readable than they are. Like everyone else on the agile journey at first it all seems a bit odd, but we have the right tools and my own feeling is that productivity is up and stress is down. Being confident that it’s ok to work away from base or at home, and that work really is a thing we do and not a place we go, is the key that unlocks agile.

By the way, I have just been told that if Angus has had three Chiefs in its first 21 years that makes the average tenure 7 years – so far so good! – so when I go after 6 and a bit years that makes me a slightly below average Chief Exec….nice to have friends!


4 thoughts on “A couple of things – a New Chief at Angus Council and Agile working….

  1. Is it really that long !! where does time go

    Remember the below email I sent for your first day – sad that I am that I still have it in my in box

    Assume you are taking early retirement then ? Will you be remaining up there to live or you coming back this way ?
    Hows things on the racing circuit ? Assume you are going to get more involved with that then ?

    Did you ever get to see the traction engine that Angus have ?

    Wish you well in your new chapter of your life – take care of you

    Really doesn’t seem that long for when I would see you regularly around the corridors of power !!!

    Take care of you and yours

    Wendy xx

    Richard Stiff has sent you a message.

    Date: 3/05/2011

    Subject: RE: First Day in Your New Job

    Thanks Wendy – the first week was more than ok – unlike Cadwell today where a small but embarrassing mishap occurred! No real damage done thank goodness!

    On 02/28/11 1:06 AM, Wendy Hall wrote:
    Hope you have a good first day

    Best Wishes


    1. Hello Wendy – thanks for this and nice to see you follow the blog. Six years it is. A lot has changed here and in North Lincs in that time I think. Corridors of power? Me?! Yes, I have seen the magnificent roller. It’s out on long term loan to those who are better placed to ensure its well being than the council who might be tempted to use it to repair the roads! Fantastic machine. It’s often seen at vehicle and country shows I think. I see you are now with the arms length company judging by your email tag – hope that is going well? Best wishes, Richard

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