On the rails…..

infographic2On Tuesday 1st November I attended an event at the Scottish Parliament to promote the work of the East Coast Mainline Authorities consortium (EMCA).

The event was sponsored by Iain Gray MSP and the main speaker was Humza Yousaf MSP, demonstrating the cross party support ECMA needs.

ECMA is a perhaps unique alliance of 41 councils (including Angus Council), combined authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships which has come together to promote the need for investment in the east coast mainline (ECML) railway, working with both the Scottish and UK governments and the rail industry.

The ECML, which of course runs through Angus, is a vital economic and social artery, but for too long it has been the victim of underinvestment in comparison to other routes. The consequence this has been problems with running times and route capacity, limiting the potential for economic growth and reducing the experience of rail travel for passengers.

ECMA funded research has demonstrated the national and UK wide importance of this historic 580 mile long route running from London to the north east of Scotland. ECMA estimates that the £3 billion of investment the route needs would produce a return of at least £9 billion in terms of the economic growth and development unlocked.  Not just a train service.

If you want to know more have a look at this –



One thought on “On the rails…..

  1. This is a splendid and inspiring example of local public bodies working together to exert influence on distant / opaque national quango’s and hold them to account on behalf of their citizens. More please! Thanks for posting this Richard.
    Maybe more should be said about it too because I don’t think that the average citizen knows the half of what we do on their behalf. It’s not all just bins and dog poo …
    If I make a passing observation on the comment “The ECML …for too long it has been the victim of underinvestment in comparison to other routes.” – I’m sure that this statement is true but the evidence for it is a bit buried in the “prospectus” document and isn’t that deep. It’s surely worth more attention and repetition to bolster the social equity side of the argument.

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