Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald

Provost Helen Oswald
Provost Helen Oswald

Angus Council colleagues will know that the Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald, passed away in the early hours of Thursday 13 October.

I first met Helen in the snow bound and oh so cold December of 2010. She was a member of the appointments panel that offered me the role of Chief Executive at the council. In my first year or so at the council Helen was a tenacious leader of the then opposition SNP group and a strong advocate for her ward at Carnoustie.

In the years since 2012 as Provost of Angus Helen worked exceptionally hard to promote the county and to deliver on our community’s expectation of its “first citizen”. She continued to speak up for her ward and to promote those causes – political and otherwise – that were close to her heart.
In the role of Provost it is not possible to please all the people all the time, but no one can say that Helen did not give the job her best.
At this time foremost in my mind is that she was a wife, a mother and a grandmother and my thoughts and yours too I think will be with her husband Ed and the wider family.

One thought on “Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald

  1. Very sad to hear this news Richard. I remember Helen’s very professionsl hosting of our group from Stockholm in 2014. Condolences to her family and work colleagues

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