Scottish Rural Parliament 2016 – Brechin

It’s fantastic that Angus is hosting the 2016 Scottish Rural Parliament at the brand new Brechin Community campus. It opens today and runs until Saturday. People from all over the country will be there to talk about the issues which get to the heart of Scotland’s rural communities.

The Saturday morning sessions are open to all. If you can, get a long to the new campus and have a look-see. If nothing else it gives the opportunity to see inside this amazing new building which serves the Brechin community in so many ways….it’s not just a school….

You can see more on Twitter at #SRP2016 or @ScotRuralParl including the Saturday fringe programme. #Brechin is also worth a look.

And a massive thank you to the Angus Council and Angus Alive colleagues who have pitched in to make it possible. Well done and thank you!


3 thoughts on “Scottish Rural Parliament 2016 – Brechin

  1. Its interesting that you think the Capus serves the community in so many ways. You have clearly forgotten the many groups that cannot afford to use the Campus. Not to mention the empty buildings that the Campus has left in Brechin or City Hall that could no longer be run by Angus Council due to the Campus opening. You have ripped the heart from our community. You have left nothing at the bottom end of Brechin. Contractors hurrying to get the car park ready for Rural Parliament whilst the users of the campus and residents have endured misery since February. Many people do not use the word “Community” when talking about the campus. Maybe you could consider dropping that word as it does not describe what you have done in Brechin.

  2. Signs in the town still point to ‘Brechin High School’ – and no sense in changing them, it will always be the High School to Brechiners.

  3. Community Campus? What a joke it is known throughout Brechin now as the ‘un-community’ campus. It is no more servicing the community than fly in the air none of the groups that were left homeless in its wake have chosen to move to it due to the extortionate prices. It refuses to promote events in Brechin as they are not run by Angus Alive and it would have caused the closure of City Hall and the loss of the amateur dramatics, opera and cinema were it not for the community group that stepped in to run it. Angus Alive made a calculated bid to force sports groups such as Brechin judo club to use the un-community campus which failed and it is blocking attempts by groups to take over the old all-weather pitch at Brechin leisure centre- these teams incidentally now use the facility at Laurencekirk because the new campus is too expensive for them. There is a sense of deep dissatisfaction in Brechin with the campus.

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