It’s rubbish….


The Scottish household waste data for 2015 was published recently. And it’s good to see that Angus Council is good with rubbish. Read below and you will see what I mean….full details at –

In 2015 Angus collected 57,609 tonnes of household waste of which 34,102  were recycled – ie 59.2%. The average household waste recycling rate was only 44.3% across the country as a whole. At 59.2% Angus has the highest recycling rate in Scotland.

I think this achievement – which has been accumulating over the last few years – is the product of two things in particular.

The first is the growing willingness of Angus residents to take the trouble to recycle. To say yes, I will rinse that can or bottle and put it in the grey bin and not just drop it into the purple one. And more and more of us are doing that each year.

The second factor is the council’s waste team. They have worked long and hard to design, roll out and then deliver week by week a waste scheme that is straightforward to use, making it easy to see recycling in Angus really take off.

To all those involved – a big thank you!


3 thoughts on “It’s rubbish….

  1. It might be helpful to confirm that the majority of this arises from kerbside recycling and not the centres. In 2015 57,909 tonnes of household waste was created in Angus, 34,102 or 59.2% was recycled. Just three years ago, before the roll-out of the new kerbside recycling service, the Angus recycling rate was 40.1% – below the then national average. It’s been the introduction of the new kerbside recycling service in 2014 (roll-out completed October 2014) that has been the major factor in dramatically increasing the amount of waste recycled. In the main people don’t take card, paper, glass, plastic bottles etc to the centres as we collect it from the kerbside.
    The real challenge is to reduce the 60% of the waste collected by Angus Council in the purple general waste bins could have been recycled.

    1. It is also good to note that under the old kerbside recycling scheme, where card, paper, glass plastic bottles etc were separated at source generating an average income for ACROP (Angus Community Recycling Opportunities Partnership) of roughly £500,000 per annum on average (figures obtained through the freedom of information act) to the new system which costs roughly £500,000 per annum for re-processing (Including the haulage – figures obtained under the freedom of information act). The increase from 40.1% to that of 59.2% comes at a considerable cost to both the Council and the Tax Payer and future increases in the same ilk will be difficult to sustain in times of austerity. Reducing any opportunity to recycle will merely increase the overall costs (financially and environmentally).
      Whilst the “real challenge” as you put it is to reduce that what geos into the purple General Waste bin, I would disagree. I would say your “Real Challenge” is how you tackle what is in those bins. I.e. Paying someone else to re-process it for you (they will have to make a profit to do so) or to structure your organisation in such a way as to provide re-processing locally (and the potential to make a profit) or alternatively to educate the 54,000 households of Angus to recycle more efficiently (through incentive and opportunity). It is also fair to note that there are items that are not recyclable and thus will always go to landfill.
      I personally have 2 recycling bins as we have 7 in the household (me, my wife and 5 kids (eldest is 22 and the youngest is 2) and I fill those bins every fortnight and still take the excess recycling to my local centre. I am a great advocate for recycling but not everyone shares my enthusiasm. It would be interesting to hear how Angus Council plan to increase the figure above 60% and tackle the waste issue.

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