The EU Referendum in Angus…..

Well, we got a result. It opens up a whole lot of questions, but we got a result. Angus 55% stay, 45% leave.

As Counting Officer for Angus I would like to publically thank our elections team for their work on the day across the many Angus polling stations, or supporting the count process at Arbroath overnight.

I don’t think that many in the community appreciate the scale of challenge the delivery of an election or a referendum represents. Hundreds of polling stations, hundreds of staff and a major logistics and administrative process supporting voter registration through to the poll itself.

Against that background it’s vital that council staff come forward to assist with elections, our small Elections Team simply couldn’t do it without you. Council staff are supplemented by a considerable number of people who come forward from our community to work as occasional members of the elections team on polling days.

In Angus we had a largely trouble free polling day, and declaring the result shortly after 2am was very welcome after the “hard day’s night” at the Scottish Parliament elections just a short while ago in May when we counted two seats and the sun was well up before bed time.

In addition I would like to add thanks to the Angus Alive team at the Saltire Centre in Arbroath for looking after the count team so well, and to the Police Scotland team who supported us at the count with security and safety for all involved.

Until next time……


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