I wasn’t going to write this . . .

I was quite clear with myself that I wasn’t going to put anything on social media or in this blog about Jo Cox MP. A tragedy is a tragedy and I feel that sometimes the media fest that ensues takes away from the meaning of an event. A personal view and perhaps no more than the reality of 24 hour rolling news. There always has to be news and something to say.

People who put themselves in the public eye know they are opening themselves and their families up to the world in a way that few of us who lead more normal lives fully appreciate. But what occurred yesterday  – a murder – drives home the vulnerability that those who seek to serve our communities can experience.

I know nothing about Jo Cox other than what I have read, heard or seen in the last 24 hours. But what resonates with me are comments about her genuine commitment to serve those who elected her, and those whose vote went elsewhere. Her passion for causes that many of us would have sympathy for. The thing is I see those attributes quite frequently in the politicians who serve us here in Angus, across the spectrum of the political tribes. We are governed by people who in the main, and most of the time, truly want to make a positive difference.

I am not saying Jo Cox was not a special person. On the basis of the reports I have seen and heard I think she maybe was. Certainly a hard working and passionate politician, a loving mother and life partner. Yesterday’s event was indeed a tragedy. Spare a though for her family and friends.


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