Agile and digital .. . .

One week into agile and no office. And all is well.

The tools we have in the shape of telephony and IT work, and the job requirements are easily met. In a way the last week has proved the point  – the office, even the shared office – was a hugely under used asset.

There are some minor teething things…it’s a massive pain if the IT decides not to play….which it did for all of 5 minutes yesterday, but it was probably my fault….and I have to think about where the next caffeine hit is coming from a little more carefully.

Learning new ways is all it’s about really. And we can all do that.

Also this week a very good session for the Leadership Forum led by Catherine Howe of Capita on our digital future. Catherine has a “disruptive technologies” view of the world and explained how hierarchies are being replaced by networked communities through social media and digital service delivery to a far greater extent than we may know.

Looking at our own lives how much do we do on line in terms of accessing goods and services, staying in touch with friends and family and so on? I would hazard a guess that we all do a lot. Oddly we leave many of those possibilities and ways of doing things behind to an extent when we come to work, or when we interact with our local council as a service user.

Exam question coming….Increasingly at Angus Council that’s less and less the case, both inside the organisation and in our dealings with citizens. Discuss?

At the end of the day its fair to say that things have always moved on. Maybe the pace of change these days is more rapid, but the depth and impact of change has always been profound since a cave man made fire.


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