Behind the scenes….


Tomorrow, as you may have noticed, there is an election for the Scottish Parliament.

The administration and management of an election is delivered by the council’s elections team within Legal and Democratic Services, with the help, let it be said, of a few hundred others in the polling stations (about 160 locations  this time) and overnight at the count in Arbroath.
Running an election is a massive exercise in terms of planning, staffing and logistics. And these days there is a fair amount of technology involved too,  for example in confirming a postal voters right to have their ballot paper included at the count. Next year’s council elections will see an e-counting system being used, so even more technology deployed. But having the right people in sufficient numbers is essential.
An election is probably one of the biggest “behind the scenes” occasional tasks that a local authority undertakes. At the moment it seems we have at least one election of one sort or another every year. In 2016 with the EU referendum in June we have two electoral events quite close together.
In my dual role as Chief Executive and Returning Officer I’d like to put on record a big thank you to all those from the council’s staff and those from outside the organisation who are assisting the elections team to deliver democracy to Angus this May.
That may sound a bit grand, but that’s what you are doing, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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