New ideas for the 1st of the month…

It’s the first day of a new month this Friday and therefore a great time for a new idea to be implemented!
As everyone knows there is a transformation underway at Angus Council. One of the major pillars of the change programme is the move to more agile work styles with no more personal desks for many of us. But we are also working hard to reduce the council’s carbon footprint, looking to be ever more energy efficient and make more use of green renewable power.
Thanks to some really creative thinking by one of newest employees – Varey Smart who works in Community Resources and Partnership – we can now connect these two strategies.  She came up with this great plan on her very first day at the council and the Exec team have agreed it for immediate implementation!
As our office spaces are converted to open and shared resources we will be installing treadmills and bikes to generate electricity starting this Friday morning. While you work you will be able to peddle or jog as you prefer. The power you make will save masses of cash for the council and help you keep fit. Result!
Newly available “under desk generation units”  – made by specialist Brechin power company PJS Always On Ltd – will be installed in the remodelled offices to enable us to keep up a constant supply. These will be set up in the council chamber first to allow us to have some electric air con to help with the sometimes heated meetings that take place there.
Our energy bills are ever increasing and this will go a long way to help us power the council. Well done Varey!

One thought on “New ideas for the 1st of the month…

  1. An excellent policy for a Better Britain. I look forward to peddling my Agile wares soon.
    Michael Taker, Esq.

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