Space for Success

Reid Hall

A recurring theme in this blog is recognition of the achievements of the Angus Council team. Next week we are running an internal “Space for Success” event over two days at The Reid Hall in Forfar to communicate our transformation journey in a more tangible way.

Space for Success (SfS) has been created by a cross council team to showcase the major strands of our Transforming Angus programme and to share the stories of transformational change that are going on in all of our services.  It’s been prompted by a staff survey last year, which highlighted that many of our people knew little but wanted to know more about the change programme.

We all need to better understand why these huge organisational changes are necessary. The cuts we are facing are real. The increasing demands on our services are real.  Change is not a choice, but how willing and able are we to do it? Our Space for Success is just one part of the engagement we need to ensure our staff team is informed and part of the fundamental changes to the council in the coming years.

The event is running from 8am to 6pm on day one and from 8am until noon on day 2 to enable access outside the standard working day. In just one hour people will be able to check out a speaker, take in a movie at Cinema SfS (showcasing particular projects or initiatives), pop into Martha’s House (a social care themed exhibit) and still have time for coffee & cake at the Agile Angus Café.  There will be Wi-Fi – so coffee and work looks like an option for me some of the time… We hope to be streaming some live content on our council  You Tube channel. We haven’t tried this before so fingers crossed it works but if not, we’ll learn from the failure. Our long service awards and commendations scheme recognition event will take place on the afternoon of day two. We have also made meeting rooms at the Reid Hall available for team/group meetings.

Our Space for Success isn’t a shiny promotional space – it is intended as an open and honest engagement with staff about the why, what and how of the story so far.  It starts with an “Ask me anything!” session with me and the executive management team in the spotlight. That could be interesting! And, so you know, financial support from our partners and suppliers has made the event possible.


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