It’s been a bit wet….


I am writing this in Angus House looking out on a bright sunny winter morning towards the snow topped Angus hills. What a change a day can bring!

The last week or so has been a time of unprecedented rain in our county, and for much of the Scotland and the UK, and this has brought real challenge to individuals, families and businesses in the county who have been impacted by flooding or its consequences. Through the week I have been impressed by the effectiveness of council and interagency planning and delivery to mitigate the effects of the weather, and to support those in need in our community in a variety of ways. We had a plan and it worked.

But a plan is just paper. It’s the people that count. Many council and partner agency staff have been hard at work, beyond the usual call in many cases, over the last week. For some it’s not over and work will continue over the weekend for some colleagues for sure. For many the pressure has lifted.

As we move from response to recovery new pressures emerge, and I was reminded this morning that it’s only the start of January. Winter may have more for us later! End on an upbeat note they say don’t they?! So I had better add another thought.

Whatever the science it’s likely our community and public agencies like the local council will need to give a lot more thought to the management of weather related issues into the future that much seems clear. It can’t just be about being super fit in the emergency response game when the flood, snow or wind come – no sign of locusts in NE Scotland so far…. It needs to be a more comprehensive shift in thinking around “resilience” and what that means perhaps?


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