In the last few years I have come to appreciate that in the role of CEO I sometimes need to think more than do. There is a standing expectation that a CEO, director or similar, will be totally energised. Always on. Be the ultimate doer, solver of problems and all round super woman/man. The problem is that in the storm of frantic activity the actions can become disconnected from purpose? Have a plan as they say, and deliver it.

In my schedule now is a recurring opportunity to be away from it all, in fact be in a place with no IT/digital access to distract, to spend time with someone who can lead a conversation and initiate  thought processes without creating conclusions or delivering ready made solutions.  I suppose you might ask “can’t you create that space and time yourself?” and I suppose I could. The real question is would I, in sufficient quantity and quality to be of real value?

Feeding a plant tends to deliver a better crop than just leaving it to its own devices and hoping for the best.


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