What! No office?


Do you inhabit the modern office? In recent times, and more so into the next year or two, my organisation’s journey towards mobile and agile work styles and technology based working routines will be to the fore.

I am thinking just now that I have been in my office less than 40% of the time this week, but it’s been sitting there waiting for me all the times in between.

One of the work styles in our Transforming Angus mobile and agile project recognises that some of us basically don’t need an office, but rather need the right facilities from time to time through the working week.

I am rapidly moving to accept the idea that my role doesn’t actually need an office.


One thought on “What! No office?

  1. I think you are on the right track Richard. Modern Councils here in Sweden provide shared workstations at middle and senior management level and it functions very well. Less office space, more mobility, less facilities, hardware etc.

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