Pause for thought….


I have just given some money to the DRC for the Nepal relief appeal, on my phone. It’s only the second time I have done this sort of thing with a mobile. The first was at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games when (it seemed) I was the only member of the Angus official delegation that had a smart phone on them. The donations  x 6 all appeared on my next bill. The others did pay up if you are wondering! Thousands of people at Celtic Park donated a huge sum to charity in just a few moments.

Time and again we are reminded by the media of how safe and comfortable our lives are, and we are challenged to do more to respond to the needs of others, especially in times of crisis or emergency. The devastation that has hit Nepal is truly awful, the latest estimate being that it may take a couple of decades for the economy and society of Nepal to recover. I hope it will take nothing like as long as that. And we can all help to make that so.

If you phone doesn’t do it you can give on-line at  –  – just a few pounds will help.

Please do.


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