The corporate parent….

140120334113_00169_FULLAPPROVED_DRAWINGS__ELEVATIONS_HOME_12236982_pagenumber_001 This afternoon I paid a visit to Angus Council’s new children’s home nearing completion in Arbroath. It’s a building site at the moment about a month or two from completion, and its a great project. The council’s contractor  – Hadden Construction  –  are doing a superb job in translating concepts into reality.

The new facility will replace a one in the town that is no longer fit for purpose. Walking the site and the two new houses with the manager of the current facility I was impressed by the thought that had gone into layout, fixtures and fittings – involving both staff and young people in the planning. Children had visited the site and will again before the moving in.

The key word here is “home”  – this facility will be home for some of our most deserving young people. The social work manager with us talked about wanting to “achieve excellent”. This new build will certainly be  a platform for that aspiration to be achieved. We wanted excellent for our two sons and tried to provide it.

In law Angus Council has parental responsibilities towards the small group of young people whose home this building will be. I detect in the colleagues I met  the ambition to go beyond what the law requires in fulfilling our obligations. This is about changing lives.


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