The modern office…


Along with three colleagues I spent a couple of hours in Arbroath this morning at local company Journeycall – part of the ESP group – with their MD Theresa Wishart. This company, relatively recently moved to Arbroath, occupies newly remodelled premises on the Kirkton estate. The reason for the visit was to look at their offices with an eye to learning about what works and what doesn’t in the modern workplace to help inform our own mobile and agile developments at Angus Council. It would remiss of us not to look at the experience of one of the county’s most successful companies right here on our doorstep in creating a modern work environment. The use of space, provision of facilities for staff and the really powerful harnessing of technology was impressive.

It was also an opportunity to learn a bit more about this successful and growing firm who are specialists in the customer service and contact management field. See here for more –


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