Mobile and agile

coffee cup

I think just about everyone at Angus Council knows we are developing mobile and agile working as part of the Transforming Angus programme. Today I am doing it, working at home to (being frank) catch up on an excessive backlog mountain of admin type tasks that I have allowed to accumulate due to TOO MANY MEETINGS! And yes, I did mean to shout. The amazing thing is (no it isn’t amazing it’s how it always is) my productivity in the last four hours has been much greater than it would have been in a less focussed environment otherwise known as the Chief Executive’s office. And I get the benefit – in about 5 minutes  – of some freshly ground coffee beans and an actual lunch break. The down side? Ask my PA! She is probably thinking TOO MANY EMAILS!  just as I type this.


4 thoughts on “Mobile and agile

  1. I love working from home I do get far more done too.. however I wouldn’t want to do it all the time you miss out on the good discussion/learning from people that make you think and friendships you build with work a environment. 🙂 enjoy your coffee

  2. Wise move Richard, to be able to produce, think, concentrate, create etc needs time away from meetings especially the unnecessary ones. Should be mandatory for senior execs to work home periodically.

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